Regulation: Progress or Profitability For Trucks, Transportation, and Carhaulers

The Double Edged Sword Of Regulation For Trucking, Carhaulers, and The Transportation Industry

Regulation in and of itself is not a bad thing. Too much of it, thrown on any one industry all at once.. is. I have attached a link to a must read article about a truck company owner who is feeling the effects of the hour of service rule. Though this is a trucking company, carhauler companies and carhauler drivers feel the effects at time of purchase and at every inspection station on the road.

The hours of service rule is one of the most contentious since some other industries do not linit the number of hours on a job. It also restricts income for the trucker or carhauler who wants to earn what they need and get back home as soon as they can. Being stuck in a hotel or in your cab, away from home and not earning, puts a lot of stress on a person to work longer total hours away from home

Yes the trucker or carhauler is not in the cab driving if they are exhausted but they are also not home. Being layed over from home is work since it is more of their disposable time being wasted. The trucker and carhauler also have to work more in terms of total time since they have to have more breaks while on the road.

I have to believe that this is going to keep a lot of potential drivers from joining the profession. At the very least it will reduce the number of new drivers that will stay in the profession once they get a taste of the Federal governments super highway of endless regulations.

Here is another post about the hours of service rule 


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